Donal McKinney has over 18 years of formal education and experience in landscape and design. His practical field experience is paired with an equal amount of time involved in higher education and the study of nature. He has studied at the college and university level since his initial entry into the landscape business and, to date, has earned 3 degrees - the first in horticulture, the second in business, and a third in art history and studio sculpture. His other accomplishments and qualifications include;

Past president of the Texas Association of Landscape Contractors, now known as TNLA
(Texas Nurserymen & Landscapers Association)
Licensed Texas Irrigation # LI0015038
Multiple awards in both landscaping and sculpture competitions

My focus is on the creation space that aspires to be art. The work moves toward a tranquil balance between the flowing curve-to-linear elements of nature and the architectonic forms of our lineal man made environment. I believe the natural form relieves the tension that exist with-in the architectonic environment.